F&B Kink Meme Prompts
There is a full list of rules on the profile page. The basics are:

-- All prompts are fine, all kinks, all pairings, all ratings, all anything.
-- One prompt per comment.
-- Leave as many prompts as you like.
-- Write as many fills as you want.
-- Use subject lines for both prompts and fills, including pairings and kinks.
-- Please leave feedback whenever possible; it's a small fandom and people won't write as much if it feels like no one's reading.
-- Be nice.
When you've posted a fill please leave a comment on this post.
If you want to get in touch with a mod you can comment here or private message either me or vic.

See entry in flat view.

Enjoy! x x x x

F&B Kink Meme Fills
Do not post fic to this post. Post fic to the prompt post above, and then leave a link here to let people know.

You can track this post if you prefer only to be notified of fills to the meme, rather than prompts/feedback/etc. It's up to the author to leave a comment here with a link to the fill; there are no guarantees that everyone will remember.

Please make sure your comment includes the full prompt you're filling, and a link to your fic:

Welcome/Admin Post
Hello, welcome, good tidings and so forth.

I basically know nothing about running a kink meme, I'm hoping that since we're quite a small fandom (and hilariously unkinky thus far) it might be easy and unscary. Let us all hope for easy and unscary.

Here's what I've done so far:

- I've allowed anonymous commenting, and turned off ip logging.

- I've added any random pairings I could think of to the interests; let me know anything else you'd like in there.

- I've tried to make a decent set of rules on the profile page, hopefully answering most of the questions that might come up. If you think I should add/remove/change anything, please say.

- If you want to make a banner, a layout, or a better icon for the comm, I would love you all my love.

- I've tried to get rid of the horrible new ratings thing on the profile, I've opted out of ratings in settings, but it won't go.
I'll leave this post open, so if you have any questions or suggestions, or if anything's happened that you think a mod should know about, you can comment to this post (anonymously or not), and someone will get back to you. Your mods are jekesta and vic_amy_z, you can contact us by private message if you prefer.

I think that's everything. Go forth, enjoy, write some wholesome underage-bestiality-mpreg. \o/


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